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Key West Ordinance Section 110 Tree Protection

Sec. 110-253 Specially Protected: those trees that are native to the lower Keys and Key West area and tree species that are part of the heritage of Key West (Royal Poinciana, Mahogany, Gumbo Limbo, Stoppers, Coconut Palm, Thatch Palms)

 Sec. 110-254 Unprotected Trees: those tree species considered exotic or invasive, especially those listed on the Keys or State Invasive Plant List (Brazilian Pepper, Lead Tree, Seaside Mahoe, Ficus Benjamina)

(b) Prohibited Acts. A tree shall be considered abused if a person takes an action so that one of the following occurs:

¨    (1) Significant damage has been inflicted upon any part of a tree, including the root system, by machinery, storage of materials, soil compaction, excavation, vehicle accidents, chemical application, or change in the natural grade.

¨    (2) Damage inflicted to or cutting upon a tree which permits infection or pest infestation.

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