Certificate of Appropriateness (COA)


A Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) is a document issued by the Historic Preservation Planners that states the proposed work is appropriate for the historic district and meets the regulations of the United States Secretary of Interior's Standards and Guidelines and the Historic Architectural Design Guidelines.


Pages 56a through 56c of the Historic Architectural Design Guidelines outline the minimum requirements necessary when submitting an application. City Code Section 102-152 of the Land Development Regulations states A Certificate of Appropriateness is required for the construction of any new structure, building, fence, deck or sign or the painting, repainting, repair, alteration, remodeling, landscaping, or demolition of the exterior of any existing building, structure, fence, deck, sign, landscape, or lot.

Types of COA Reviews

Staff Review

Applications that do not propose certain demolitions, additions, or major changes to a building may be approved by staff. Approximately 95% of applications submitted are approved at the staff level.

Historic Architectural Review Commission (HARC)

Large projects, or projects that do not comply with the Guidelines and Ordinances, may need to be scheduled for an Agenda.

Online Permits & Applications

Permits applications can be submitted online via eTRAKiT. You will need to create an account to log in and submit your application.  The ability to check the status of your permit is available through eTRAKiT.

How to Apply for a COA

Staff Review

Completed applications may be submitted electronically, or hand-delivered to City Hall Building Department counter at 1300 White Street.

For Commission Review:

Projects that require scheduling on a HARC agenda will require a pre-application meeting with staff.  

Email the Historic Preservation Planners questions regarding how to apply for a COA.