Property & Evidence

Property and EvidenceIf you wish to retrieve your property that the Key West Police Department is holding, please read the following guidelines:

Property and Evidence are responsible for receiving, processing, securing, and disposition all property and Evidence taken in by the Key West Police department.

  • We ask that you call ahead (you will need your case number) to confirm that we have your property and that it is available for release.
  • Please bring photo identification.
  • In some cases, other documentation may be required.
  • You may have someone else pick up your property with a notarized letter stating so. The person picking up your property will need identification.
  • Please provide proof of ownership.

Found / Abandoned Property

Updated as of April 29, 2022
Date Received
KW Police Case #
Item (s)
04/08/22 22-2065 N/A   1 Pink colored I-phone S Found on Elizabeth Street.  
04/12/22 22-2157 N/A   1 Black Samsung phone w/ earbud found at 4101 N. Roosevelt.   
04/17/22 22-2268 N/A   Kwikset keys found at 2900 N. Roosevelt Key Plaza.  
04/21/22 22-2343 N/A   1 Toyota car key and 6 regular keys found at intersection of Whitehead and United.    
04/23/22 22-2280 N/A   1 Batman Backpack w/ Dell computer, charger and headphones found at Advanced Auto on Flagler.   

Per Fl. Statute 705.103: 

The property listed is held for 90 days. If not claimed within 90 days, the item(s) will be considered abandoned and disposed of, donated, or appropriated for City use in accordance with Florida law. 

If you are the owner of any property listed, please call to make an appointment between 8 am to 4 pm, Monday - Friday at 305-809-1002. 

You must provide proof of ownership.