Ambassador Academy Program

City of Key West Ambassadors Academy!

Ever wonder what it takes to mobilize the staff necessary to install the barricades, close the streets and clean up the trash after the Fantasy Fest parade?  Do you know why Old Town is considered a historic treasure?  Where do tax dollars go once you've paid them?  The answers are just some of what you'll learn as a Key West Ambassador.

About the Program

The City of Key West Ambassadors Academy is an interactive civic and public information program for residents to learn about their city government.  It focuses on educating citizens about the services delivered.  This 13-week program intends to provide participants with insight into how local governments work, promote open lines of communication, and offer a clearer understanding of a municipal government.  Elected officials, department directors, and other city staff will host unique and informative sessions to give citizens hands-on experience in city government operations.  Participants will also hear from the Key West Housing Authority, the Navy, and other entities serving the Key West community.  If you want to understand better the way your city works and what your tax dollars do, this is your chance to learn the ins and outs of city management and have your suggestions implemented.  Help your community by solving problems.


There is no better way to get to know the city government than through the Key West Ambassador's Academy.  The program started in 2003.  The class meets weekly, usually at the City Hall.  The Academy is conducted twice a year, with the first session beginning in January and the second in July.

Program Participants

The list of graduates of the programs looks like a who's who of Key West, including city and county commissioners, CEOs, and directors of several not-for-profit organizations.  The Ambassador program works under the concept that an educated citizenry is the bedrock of a well-functioning democracy.

Please note: Enrollment in the Ambassadors Academy is limited and open to Key West citizens only.

Become a Brand Ambassador for your City!

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