About the Office of the City Clerk

We hope to provide you with a more transparent view of the City Clerk's role and the background and history of her office.

Functions & Duties

  • Recording the minutes and all official actions of the City Commission
  • Prepares agendas for City Commission and all other Boards and Committee meetings
  • Attesting to and maintaining custody of all Official records of the City Of Key West
  • Administering the publication and supplementation of the City Code Book
  • Process, record, file, and advertise Ordinances, Resolutions, and legal notices
  • Administers a Citywide Records Management program for all official records in compliance with the State of Florida
  • Serves as the City's Records Management Liaison Officer (RMLO) with the State of Florida
  • Respond to Public Records Requests
  • Administers Oath of Office
  • Maintain official City zoning map
  • Provide Notary Services for City related business
  • Chief Elections Administrator
  • Presides over Bid openings and provides summaries of the responses.
  • Serves as the Financial Disclosure Coordinator with the State of Florida Commission on Ethics
  • Submits City Commission-approved documents for recording with the Clerk of the Court
  • Assists the City's Boards and Committees