Garbage Collection

Collection Map


Garbage is collected one day a week for Key West residents and is incorporated in an individual's property annual tax assessment. 

The City requires all garbage bags to be in a waste bin.  Waste Management provides one (1) bin per household.  Residents are responsible for the containers provided by Waste Management.  If the City is expecting a weather event, ensure that your bins will not be impacted by flooding or strong winds.  Additional bins are available for purchase through the local hardware stores if necessary.  Not putting garbage bags in a waste bin may result in a denial of pickup.  For more information, call Waste Management.

City Code

City of Key West Code of Ordinances Section 58-31 states containers may not be placed in City Right-of-Way before 4:00 PM the day before collection and must be removed by 8:00 PM.  It is against the City Code to leave containers on the street or sidewalk.