Recycling is single stream recycling, which allows residents and businesses to place all recyclables into a single bin for separation at the Waste Management Recycling Materials Recovery facility in Pembroke Pines. Visit Waste Management, Inc., to learn what they accept in their recycling program.


The City of Key West has a Solid Waste Master Plan for the City. The goal with this plan is to create a map to guide the City towards increasing our recycling rate, maximizing our waste diversion, and creating a pathway towards a zero-waste community.

Interested in knowing more, call the Recycling Coordinator at (305) 809-3776.

Materials That Can Be Recycled

All of the following can be recycled:

  • Boxboard: The type of material most food and cereal boxes are made from
  • Cardboard
  • Clean aluminum foil
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers and junk mail, even envelopes with plastic windows
  • Plastic bottles and containers with no film, no bags, and no Styrofoam
  • Regular paper
  • Drink and food cartons
  • Rinsed Aluminum and metal cans
  • Rinsed food and beverage cartons
  • Rinsed glass bottles and jars. Please remove the lids and include them in your recycling. No mirrors or window glass.

Materials That Cannot Be Recycled

Do not put the following items in recycling cart:

  • Cigarettes
  • Electronics
  • Food
  • Household chemicals
  • Plant Material
  • Plastic bags
  • Water hoses

Tips For Recycling

Recycling is not allowed to be in plastic bags, recycling will not be picked up if in plastic bags. Also recycle bins contaminated with garbage will not be picked up. Waste Management Inc, FL picks up all residential recycling, businesses are able to contract with Waste Management or any provider for recycling services or haul recycling themselves to the City Transfer Station on Rockland Key. Recycling is accepted at the City of Key West Solid Waste Transfer Station for no charge.