Stock Island Landfill


  • 1930: Opened: Originally a dump site. It is thought to have been started in the early 1930s, maybe the late 1920s, by dumping garbage directly into shallow grass beds and building up from there.
  • 1989: Consent Order 89-0466 from FDEP
  • 1990: Phase I Closure
  • 1992: Phase II Closure. Closed by placing 18 inches of screening sand over one layer of 30-mil PVC geomembrane and covered with 6 inches of bedding sand.
  • 2008: 2 repairs made of the geomembrane
  • 2016: Consent Order Ends. Released from Long Term Care. Still required to maintain liner, stormwater management, and grounds maintenance. We also perform pest management and voluntary groundwater monitoring.

Landfill Documents