How to Make a FIRMette

A FIRMette is a small page-sized neighborhood version of the flood maps. A FIRMette is created on Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA’s) website and becomes a legal flood map for the area it covers.

When you need to submit a copy of the flood map for a specific location, a FIRMette should be your first choice.


  1. Proceed to FEMA’s Map Service Center
  2. Enter the street address in the Search bar
  3. View the "Dynamic Map" near the blue magnifying glass
  4. You should now see the FIRMette, with your location roughly in the middle of the map
  5. Print or download this map using the icons in the upper right corner.
    1. If you’ll be submitting your LOMA application online, you’ll want to download this file.
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National Flood Hazard Layer FIRMEette