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1. My condo building is located within a flood zone. Yet my unit is on the seventh floor, well above the flood level. Clearly, my unit will never flood, so why do I need to carry flood insurance?
2. How to I find a Flood Insurance agent or how do I buy a flood insurance policy?
3. Is there a grace period when moving from X-zone to A (or some other zone)?
4. What advice is available regarding obtaining a policy before the effective date and a 1-year timeline?
5. How and when will a flood risk increase impact my bills?
6. If I'm in a high-risk flood zone and my Base Flood Elevation goes up in the new maps, what's the impact on my premium? How fast are new premiums reflected on the policy?
7. Where can we find general LiMWA (the new type of flood zones known as Coastal A Zones) information?