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  • 2014 Annual Report Released
    Thursday, February 05, 2015
    The City of Key West today released the 2014 Annual Report, giving the community an insight to the accomplishments of city government over the past year throughout the various departments. Click on the headline for the link...
  • New Parking Permit in Old Town
    Wednesday, October 01, 2014
    Beginning October 1, the City of Key West began a new residential parking program in Old Town aimed at ensuring marked residential parking spaces are reserved for residents.
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What's on channel 77?
We broadcast City CommissionPlanning BoardCode ComplianceH.A.R.C.B.V.R.A.C. and other special meetings which are held in the commission chambers at Old City Hall, 510 Greene Street. In addition to meetings, we broadcast informational programs. See the City TV Meeting Replay Schedule for details.

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The city maintains an Information Channel which broadcasts continuously between meetings and events. Descriptions of city services, office hours, phone numbers, job postings, and public events are some of the items you will see on the information channel.

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Meetings will replay according to the City TV Meeting Replay Schedule until it is replaced by the next meeting in the group or another special event to be aired. You can also see archived videos here.

Can I get a copy of a meeting?
Beginning in June 2006, City Commission meetings have been recorded to DVD and stored in the City Clerk's office. Copies of archived DVD's are available for a fee.

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Residential Parking Permit Application

Residential Parking Permit Information 

Residential Parking Permit
Violations must be paid within 10 calendar days or an additional late charge of $5.00 will be assessed. After 20 days, an additional late charge of $5.00 will be assessed - total late fee of $10.00 per ticket. Parking violations will be considered delinquent after 30 days and sent to a collection agency.
OTH Vehicle parked on public right-of-way facing oncoming traffic $35.00

SID Vehicle parked on sidewalk on a public right-of-way $35.00

FIR Vehicle illegally parked near a fire hydrant (within 15 feet) $175.00

DES Failure to park vehicle within authorized parking space $35.00

NPZ Parked in a designated no parking zone $35.00
RV RV/Oversize vehicle parked illegally on a public right-of-way $75.00

HAN Unauthorized use of handicapped parking space $250.00
OTH Other parking violations to wit: $35.00

FLN Parked in designated fire lane $175.00