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The Key West Police Department often receives letters from visitors, residents and businesses in the community regarding the work our officers do. What follows is a sampling of the input we receive.

Good Morning Chief Donie Lee,

          I recently took a trip to the beautiful city of Key West, which I've done several times before either by car or by boat. This last time I went by way of the Key West Express from Fort Myers Beach for two enjoyable nights and was to return on the Key West Express as well. Unfortunately, my bag was left there at the Ferry Terminal in Key West, which came to my attention when I got back to Fort Myers Beach it wasn't there! I was frantic to find out this information, so the following morning I contacted the kind people at Key West Express to ask if they had found the luggage. They gave me a case number which put me with Megan Wilcox. she explained that she would look into it and get back to me as soon as she found out something. She did just that but explained that they usually don't take it down to the terminal. However, she mentioned that an officer Nick Revorado  went out of his way to look through it to make sure there wasn't anything illegal in it then returned it to the Ferry Terminal that day!! I WANT YOU TO KNOW HOW MUCH THAT MEANT TO ME AND TO RECOGNIZE OFFICER NICK REVORADO FOR HIS OUTSTANDING SERVICE!!  ALSO I'VE ALWAYS FELT SAFE IN YOUR CITY!! THANK YOU!

Best regards,

Russell L. Dean


If you'd like to share a letter or comment, please send it to Key West Police Chief Donie Lee at

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