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Historic Architectural Review Commission (HARC)

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Old Old Town from Port
Welcome to the Key West Historic Architectural Review Commission (HARC) web page.
HARC was created by City Charter and is in charge of the preservation and conservation of the character, integrity and appearance of the historic preservation districts as well as for buildings individually listed in the National Register of Historic Places and buildings listed as contributing in the Historic Structure Survey of the city. HARC consist of seven members appointed by each City Commissioner, the Mayor of the City appoints a licensed architect. HARC members are volunteer citizens that are committed to the preservation of the largest historic district in the State of Florida. Follow this link to the new draft 2011-2012 Historic Structures Survey for the the City of Key West. This is a very large file.
The City Of Key West HARC members are:
Commission Member
Appointed by
City Commissioner
Term Expires
Michael Miller, Chair
Mayor Cates
Tony (Fat) Yaniz
Theo Glorie Mark Rossi 10/2013
Patrick Wright Billy Wardlow 02/2014
Richard Logan Clayton Lopez 04/2015
Janet Hinkle
Teri Johnston
Richard McChesney
Jimmy Weekley 02/2016

2014 HARC Commissioners

The Commission meets the fourth Tuesday of each month. Meetings are held at 5:30pm at Old City Hall. Please see the updated HARC 2014 Meeting schedule. The Commission is supported by the historic preservation planner, a clerk and an inspector. HARC agendas, meeting packets, action minutes and videos may be access through Legistar.
Proposed changes, alterations, additions, demolitions or relocations to buildings, structures and sites located within a historic zoning district or buildings and structures listed as contributing resources outside of the Historic District must obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness before a building permit is issued. HARC commissioners and staff base their determinations upon the HARC Guidelines. These guidelines are adopted by ordinance in the City's Land Development Regulations. Small projects and routine maintenance work may receive staff approval by the Historic Preservation Planner.
Applications are available at the City Planning Department Office at 3140 Flagler Avenue or you can print the application by selecting the appropriate application. If you are doing alterations, additions, demolitions,new construction, modifications, painting, etc., you may use your computer to compete and print the HARC General Application. If you are doing sign modifications or a new sign, print the HARC Sign Application. Applications and supporting documentation can be eMailed to Staff. Please make sure to sign the application and include a good contact telephone number. Please note as of May 01, 2013 HARC application fees are required when application is submitted. Please call Jo Bennett to make arrangements for the fees for any application that is eMailed to Staff. Follow the link to the fee schedule below for more information.
The Historic District of Key West is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. More than 2500 buildings and structures, much of them built in wood, contributes to the unique historic urban fabric that attracts thousands of visitors each year. From Ernest Hemingway to cigar makers' cottages it is through the preservation of historic buildings that we keep a connection with the past; a past that needs to be preserve for future generations.
1889 Sanborn Map page
1886 Sandborg Map





HARC Fee Schedule


It is the policy of the City of Key West to comply with all requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Please call the TTY number at 305-809-1000 or the ADA Coordinator at 305-809-3731 at least five business days in advance for sign language interpreters, assistive listening devices, or materials in accessible format.


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