What is a Demolition Permit?

There are three types of demolitions permit namely:

  1. Full Demolition Permit: All full demolition permits are pulled by persons who are general contractors (State or County) Specialty license in demolition or engineering.
  2. Partial Demolition Permit: All requirements for full demolition permit applies except it is not necessary to notify the Utility companies. The contractor shall get his electrical and plumbing contractors to pull proper permits for disconnections. When the disconnection has already been done, the contractor shall state in writing that he is responsible for all disconnections. Where the demolition involves removal of any structural members, a shoring plan must be submitted. The shoring plan has to demonstrate how the remaining portion of the building will be supported. The plans have to be signed and sealed by a professional engineer registered in the State of Florida.
  3. Exploratory Demolition Permit: This permit can only be issued to the contractor with the approval of the Building Official. It is issued for exploratory inspection to help the Contractor, Architect and/or Engineer determine the extent of the deterioration of the building.

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