I lease my vehicle, can I get a residential permit?


Upload your lease contract instead of registration to verify you are the lessee and you meet eligibility requirements.

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1. How do I apply for a residential parking permit?
2. How much does the Residential permit cost?
3. What proof of eligibility do I need to apply for the permit?
4. I own a business in Key West. Is my vehicle eligible for a Residential Parking Permit?
5. Where can I park with the Residential Permit?
6. May I park in pay to parking lots using my Residential permit?
7. May I park in the unmarked spaces with the Residential permit?
8. I bought a Residential permit in June, is it valid until next June?
9. My mailing address says Key West, but I live up the Keys, can I get a Residential Permit?
10. I bought a residential permit, but am moving out of town, can I get a refund?
11. I lease my vehicle, can I get a residential permit?
12. My car is registered in someone else’s name (for example: my parent’s or my wife’s or business) can I register it for the residential parking program?
13. My car is not registered in Florida, (or Driver’s License is from another state). Can I apply for the permit?
14. I have more than one vehicle, can I register them all?
15. If I have a Residential Parking permit, do I have to move my vehicle every 3 days?
16. Can I purchase a Residential permit for my boat?
17. Do I need a Residential permit if I have a moped, scooter, or motorcycle?
18. I have a handicap placard or plate, do I need a residential permit?