Do they really work as a team?

The "team," in its most general sense, would refer to the group of citizens that seek training and share a common interest in becoming more aware of the problems and solutions that may affect them, their families, and their neighborhood. The graduate of this course is encouraged to go back to their community and garner the interest necessary to form "neighborhood teams" that can prepare for and respond to each other’s needs in the event of an impending or actual emergency situation.

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1. What is CERT?
2. What does the CERT do?
3. Why have a CERT in our community?
4. How does CERT benefit the community?
5. What part do the CERT team members play?
6. Where do we find team members?
7. How will members of the team be trained?
8. Is it practical to train people just for disasters?
9. Do they really work as a team?
10. How are teams formed?
11. How do I sign-up for training or get more information?