Is it practical to train people just for disasters?

Disaster is typically considered an event that causes injury, loss of life, and widespread damage. Citizens trained in the manner proposed should also be able to deal more effectively with daily emergencies. They can then advise responders of the pre-emptive steps that have been taken. This might include:

  • Ability to effectively prepare before a disaster
  • Ability to implement and perform basic shock treatment techniques
  • Ability to recognize and identify basic danger signs in an area or in a situation
  • Knowing what to do if a home is damaged

In addition, members can also assist with non-emergency projects that improve the safety of the community. CERTs have been used to assist in fire safety awareness, distribute disaster education material, and provide services at specials events, such as parades, sporting events and festivals

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8. Is it practical to train people just for disasters?
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