Car Free Key West

What is Car Fee Key West

Car Free Key West is a city initiative to make it easier for residents and visitors to Bike, Walk, and use Public Transportation in the City of Key West!


Bicycle Pedestrian Master Plan

Approved by the City Commission in 2019, The Bicycle Pedestrian Master Plan sets forth short-term and long-term goals for the City to decrease congestion by improving bicycle and pedestrian accessibility.

Bicycle Registration

Residents may register their bicycle with the Key West Police Department. Registration can discourage theft and aid in the recovery of a lost or stolen bicycle. To register your bicycle, ride to the front of the Police Station located at 1604 N Roosevelt Blvd.

Crosstown Greenway Project

The Crosstown Greenway is a designated bicycle route running east and west through the center of the City. Several enhancements were installed in 2020 as the Crosstown Greenway Pilot Project Phase I.

Bicycle Parking

There are thousands of short-term bicycle parking locations across Key West available for use by residents and visitors. Find them all here: Key West Bicycle Racks.

Submit a Request

Use the City's Key West Connect app to:

Report an Abandoned Bicycle

Report a Damaged Bicycle Rack

Request a Bicycle Rack


Submit a Request

Use the City's Key West Connect app to:

Report a sidewalk issue

Public Transportation

Bus routes and real-time information are available online at Key West Transit.


Bicycle Racks

Key West Bicycle Racks

Bicycle / Pedestrian Counts

Non-Motorized Traffic Monitoring Program

Bicycle / Pedestrian Crashes

ConnectPed GIS