How to Find & Print Property Tax Map

Step-by-step instructions on how to locate and print an online property plat map or tax map.

First... go to this web site: Monroe County Property Appraiser - Tax Maps

At the top right of this map page, enter the street address in the "Search" block to locate the property.

In this example, the search was by the street address.

01 tax map example Opens in new window

The map has now zoomed to the parcel searched for, with the parcel boundaries highlighted within blue lines.

The names of at least two of the closest intersecting streets need to be readable on the map.  If not, zoom-out until you can see those street names.

02 tax map example Opens in new window
Click on the printer setup icon (see red arrow).
03 tax map example with arrow pointing printer setup icon Opens in new window
Complete the pop-up dialog box and select "Print as PDF."
04 tax map example with printer setup dialog pop-up window Opens in new window

This produces an Adobe Acrobat PDF document that you can save on your computer and/or print; 

You're done!

You now have your Plat Map or Tax Map.

05 tax map example printout Opens in new window