General Employees' Retirement Pension Board

Duties of the Trustees

The Trustees are responsible for overseeing the administration, operation, and investments of the General Employees' Retirement Plan of the City of Key West.

Function of Board

  • Administering the plan as adopted by City Commission
  • Investing and monitoring the assets of the pension fund
  • Approving the disbursement of funds
  • Acting on all benefit claims
  • Adopting rules necessary for the operation of the plan
  • Approving all required reporting

Regular Meetings

  • 10:30 AM
  • The 2nd Friday once a quarter unless otherwise noted. 
  • City Hall
  • 1300 White Street, Key West, Florida

All meetings of the board are open to the public.

Plan Administrator

  1. Patti McLauchlin

    Phone: 305-619-8495

Cheryl D. Smith, CPPT*3rd Term appointedChairperson / Trustee / Appointed
Alice Parker, CPPT*3rd Term electedVice-Chairperson / Trustee / Elected
Christina Bervaldi1st Term electedTrustee / Elected
Angela Budde, CPPT*4th Term electedTrustee / Elected
Benjamin GibsonNot applicableTrustee / Retired member of the Plan, appointed by the Trustees
Patti McLauchlin, CPPT*Not applicablePlan Administrator for the Board

*CPPT refers to Certified Public Pension Trustee, a designation created by the Florida Public Pension Trustees Association (FPPTA).  Individuals who complete the three-year education track program will receive the CPPT designation.  Industry professionals nationally recognize the CPPT designation.  For a Trustee to maintain CPPT status, continuing education units are required, and the Board highly encourages each Trustee to maintain their designation.