Solid Waste Management

About Solid Waste Management

According to the City Code Definition, Solid waste means garbage, rubbish, refuse, yard waste, and other discarded solid or non-liquid materials, including materials resulting in industrial, commercial, agriculture, and community activities.  The term "waste" shall be used synonymously with "Solid Waste."

If you see illegal dumping in action, call 9-1-1 to report the activity while it is in progress.  It is a felony to dump household appliances, construction materials, boats, trailers, RVs, and vegetative debris on City-owned vacant land and City rights-of-way and streets.

To report illegal dumping that is not actively in progress, call Code Compliance at 305-809-3740.  Per Florida law, be prepared to provide your name and physical address when reporting a code violation.

 For the City's Solid Waste Division, we handle coordination with WM on the following:

  • Recycling

  • Garbage

  • Household chemicals and electronics

  • Construction and demolition debris

  • Yard waste


The City of Key West Utilities Department, Solid Waste Division, is responsible for safely, timely, and environmentally friendly handling of solid waste.  We provide garbage, recycling, yard waste, bulk waste, hazardous household waste (chemicals), end-of-life electronics services, and collection.

Commercial Services, Bulk, and Missed Pickups

To set up a commercial service or to report bulk or missed pickups, contact Waste Management Inc. (305) 296-8297

To Request a new Garbage or Recycling Bin

Contact Waste Management Inc. (305) 296-8297