Historic Preservation Division (HARC)

The role of the Historic Preservation staff is to assist the citizens of Key West who have interests in the preservation of the architectural heritage of the Historic District.  The role also includes serving as the Historic Architectural Review Commission (HARC) staff.

Historic Architectural Review Commission

Please visit the government page for specific information regarding HARC meetings or membership.

Is my property under HARC jurisdiction?


HARC Guidelines state that, All exterior work must have HARC approval whether a building permit is required or not. If a building permit is required, the applicant shall obtain HARC approval prior to issuance of the permit.

The Guidelines also state that HARC approval must be secured on:

  • Additions to existing buildings
  • Alterations to streets, sidewalks, or street furnishings
  • Any painting and associated removal of existing paint
  • Construction of swimming pools and/or decks
  • Exposed utilities
  • Fences, either new or replaced
  • Historic interior public spaces
  • Improvements of a right-of-way, public and private
  • Installation of signs, awnings, benches or lighting
  • Interiors or all property individually listed on the National Register
  • Miscellaneous structures (i.e. towers, etc.)
  • New construction
  • Placement of temporary facilities such as vendor stands
  • Repairs to buildings
  • Restoration or rehabilitation of buildings