Parking Department

This year's Residential Parking Permit is proud to display the Southernmost Buoy and will be mailed to your address on file if you apply or renew online.

The permits cost $39.13 for a full year of parking. If you did not purchase one last years, you will need to apply. You can apply in-person or online. Applicants will need to upload proof of residency, a valid driver's license, and vehicle registration to qualify for a residential permit.

In addition to ensuring that residents can park in the marked residential spaces, the permit allows for parking for up to four hours, one time per day, without paying in any one of the five parking lots:

  • Fire Station #2 in the 600 block of Simonton – Zone 33054
  • Key West Bight main lot in the 800 block of Caroline – Zone 33046
  • Park N Ride garage in the 300 block of Grinnell – Zone 33048
  • Truman Waterfront Park (except during events) —Zone 33051
  • Smathers Beach on-street parking on South Roosevelt Blvd – Zone 33053
  • Jackson Square behind the county courthouse, nights and weekends only – Zone 33049

 About Parking:

The City of Key West Parking Division oversees the City's parking assets and management of the parking system.  Among services the Parking Division currently oversees include:

  • Off-Street City Parking Lots
  • On-Street Parking Spaces
  • Parking Enforcement of City Parking Ordinances
  • Employee Parking Permits
  • Residential Parking Permits
  • Collection of Parking Fines

Violations must be paid within ten calendar days, or an additional late charge of $5 will be assessed.  After 20 days, an additional late charge of $5 will be assessed - a total late fee of $10 per ticket.  Parking violations will be considered delinquent after 30 days and sent to a collection agency.

Parking Ticket Violation Acronyms & Fines

Violation Acronym with explanation Fines
DES - Failure to park the vehicle within the authorized parking space$ 50.00
FIR - Vehicle illegally parked near a fire hydrant (within 15 feet)$190.00
FLN - Parked in the designated fire lane$190.00
HAN - Unauthorized use of handicap parking space$250.00
NPZ - Parked in designated no parking zone$ 50.00
OTH - Other parking violations to wit$ 50.00
OTH - Vehicle parked on public right-of-way facing oncoming traffic$ 50.00
RV - Recreational Vehicle/Oversize vehicle parked illegally on a public right-of-way oncoming traffic$ 90.00
SID - Vehicle parked on the sidewalk on a public right-of-way$ 50.00

Park. Pay. Be on your Way! 

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