Draft Flood Maps

Update December 30, 2019 - "Preliminary" Flood Maps & SOMA

FEMA released:

  • Preliminary Flood Maps released during August of 2019. No major differences were noted with the draft flood maps.
  • Preliminary Summary of Map Actions (SOMA). This is a list of map changes currently in effect that will likely be extinguished when the new flood maps become effective. As expected, most all existing map changes Letter of Map Amendments (LOMA) and Letter of Map Revisions (LOMR) will be rescinded when the new maps take effect. 

Update September 19, 2019 - New "Coastal A" zones addedFlood Level Change

A layer was added showing the new FEMA flood zone type; the "Coastal A" zone. This will be a regulatory boundary line. Buildings on the seaward side - or touched by - this line, will need to adhere to the higher VE-zone construction standards.

Update August 26, 2019 - New Impact Map Added

To better show the actual proposed difference in elevations - explained below in more detail - a "New Flood Level Impacts" layer has been added to this map. Each building in the City is color coded to show the number of feet difference between current and proposed flood maps.

Preliminary Flood Maps

FEMA has released "preliminary" new flood maps. These maps aren’t yet in effect. The final flood maps wouldn’t likely become effective until the spring of 2021 at the earliest. In the meantime, City officials will be closely analyzing its options.


These maps do not show an additional difference in elevation due to a change in mapping standards between the old and new proposed flood maps; the difference equals -1.342 feet. To account for this change, add one-foot to any apparent increase.  For additional information regarding the datum changes between the old and new proposed flood maps, a 2-page document is provided. 


  • Example 1: If your building was in an AE-8 flood zone and is still shown in an AE-8 zone, then it actually experienced an increase of one-foot.
  • Example 2: If your building was in an AE-6 flood zone and is proposed to be in an AE-9 zone, the increase appears to be three-feet. However, the actual increase would be four-feet.

Previous X-Zone Buildings

Structures removed from the X-zones didn’t previously have a flood level associated with them, so this mapping standard difference wouldn’t be relevant. To compare Elevation Certificate measurements, subtract -1.342-feet. All existing Elevation Certificates were measured to the old NGVD-29 datum.

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