New Flood Maps

New Flood Maps are Not in Effect.

FEMA has published preliminary flood, which are only proposed changes. The City, working closely with Fair Insurance Rates in Monroe (F.I.R.M.), has engaged professional engineers to analyze FEMA's work and has filed a community-wide appeal. 

 Waiting Period

The City awaits FEMA's review of an appeal submitted during May, 2021. FEMA is under no specific timeline to respond to appeals. When the first correspondence occurs, it'll likely be a technical inquiry regarding the appeal data, followed by a further examination period of undetermined length. 

Once FEMA has worked through all the appeals, it'll give the City a six-month letter advising when any new maps would go into effect. At this point, the best guess for new flood maps would be possibly late 2022. 

Thumbnail image of City's online interactive overview of its pending flood map appeal to FEMA. Opens in new window

Flood Map Appeal Overview (interactive) 

An interactive overview of the City's pending appeal to FEMA's proposed new flood maps.

Zoom... pan... and swipe across these maps to view any area within the City.

Note  -  Works best with Firefox. Edge or Wave browsers.


YouTube Presentation - Flood Maps Appeal

A 23-minute video presentation using the interactive online maps above to examine the City's flood maps appeal.
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Example Draft Flood Map Impacts

View FEMA's Preliminary Flood Maps & City's Impact Maps

Notes: FEMA's raw new flood maps don't show an additional difference in elevation due to changing mapping standards between the old and proposed new flood maps; the difference equals -1.342 feet (yes, "minus").  To account for this change, add one foot to any apparent increase.  These City produced impact maps have already accounted for this difference.

A more detailed explanation is found on this web page for additional information regarding the datum changes between the old and new proposed flood maps.

Examples of Datum Shift:

  • Example 1: If your building was in an AE-8 flood zone and is still shown in an AE-8 zone, it experienced an increase of one foot.
  • Example 2: If your building was in an AE-6 flood zone and is proposed to be in an AE-9 zone, the increase appears to be three feet.  However, the actual increase would be four-feet.

Previous X-Zone Buildings

Structures removed from the X-zones (blue color) didn't previously have a flood level associated with them so this standard mapping difference wouldn’t be relevant. 

Elevation Certificates
To compare Elevation Certificate measurements, subtract -1.342-feet.  All existing Elevation Certificates were measured to the old NGVD-29 datum.