New Flood Maps

Update April, 2020 - Pandemic Delay

Due to emergency conditions brought on by the pandemic, FEMA has suspended progress on remapping efforts, for an undetermined amount of time. The City has requested a minimum 18-month delay, but FEMA hasn’t yet responded to this request.

Update January 13, 2020 - FEMA Open House at City Hall

Monday, January 27th, 2020, 4 to 7 pm will be the only opportunity in Key West for people to meet with FEMA to discuss how their property will be affected by the pending new flood maps. This won’t involve a presentation by FEMA, but will be more of a series of topic-specific stations to address your questions. City staff and officials will also be on-hand to answer questions, as will advocates from FIRM (Fair Insurance for Monroe).

Meeting Details

This is an American with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible facility with no appointment necessary. In the City Commission chambers. Please notify us in advance of any special accommodations that’ll be needed, such as translators or mobility concerns.

A second meeting will occur on Stock Island at Berstein Park Community Room, Tuesday, January 28, 9 am to Noon. City staff won’t be in attendance at the Stock Island meeting.

January 14, 2020 Update Timeline

Update December 30, 2019 - "Preliminary" Flood Maps & SOMA

FEMA released:

  • Preliminary Flood Maps: No major differences were noted with the Draft flood maps released during August.
  • Preliminary Summary of Map Actions (SOMA): This is a list of map changes currently in effect that will likely be extinguised when the new flood maps become effective. As expected, all most all existing map changes (LOMAs and LOMRs) will be rescinded when the new maps take effect.

Update December 16, 2019 - "Preliminary" Flood Maps & FEMA Open House

FEMA is scheduled to release its "Preliminary" flood maps December 27, 2019. No major differences are expected from the "Draft" flood maps released during August. This will simply be a FEDEX parcel delivery along with a digital release on FEMA Map Service Center.

Summary of Map Actions

Shortly thereafter, FEMA will mail a Summary of Map Actions (SOMA) listing which existing map corrections (LOMAs) might be retained and which will be extinguished. (Expect most of them to be rescinded. Several months are expected to pass between the City/FIRM and FEMA before the final flood maps become effective.

FEMA’s Open House for the public (no presentation by FEMA) is tentatively scheduled for January 27, 2020 from 4 to 7 pm in the City Commission Chambers at City Hall. Individuals will be directed to a circular series of topic-specific booths to discuss how the proposed flood maps will affect their properties.

Update August 23, 2019 - "Draft" Flood Maps

FEMA has released new "draft" flood maps for Key West and Monroe County. These maps aren’t active. When finalized flood maps are eventually released, they likely wouldn’t become effective until probably late-2020. Experts hired by FIRM are analyzing FEMA’s data now to advise on our options.

Update August 15, 2019 - Rumor Control

FEMA hasn’t released the new flood maps. When it does, the final maps won’t become effective until 2020 to 2021. At some point during late August 2019, FEMA will be asking City staff to review drafts, to look for obvious errors and omissions (City boundaries, street names etc.). There may be some indication of what the future flood zones may look like, but that’s before the City examines and responds to what it sees in these drafts.

Public Event to Release Maps

Months after the City has provided its initial response regarding these drafts, FEMA will schedule a public event to present the new maps and answer questions. Several months later, FEMA will issue a Letter of Final Determination. Six months from the date of that letter, the new flood maps will become effective.

Update - July 24, 2019

Release of the Preliminary flood maps originally scheduled for late June didn’t occur. Presently, it’s not expected until about November 2019 and could be further delayed by City requests for time to analyze data requested but not yet provided by FEMA. The City will issue public notices well in advance of FEMA’s release of the new Preliminary Flood Maps, once the date becomes known. There will be ample notice provided before the new flood maps become effective, which isn’t likely prior to the summer of 2020.

Update February 15, 2019 - Enhanced Access to Old Flood MapsFlood Map of Key West

The City has revamped and enhanced the online availability and readability of its series of historic flood maps dating back to the early 1970s. Accessing these flood maps from the past will become more necessary as the release of new flood maps nears. Early indicators are to expect these new flood maps during late 2019 to early 2020. These future new maps remain as yet unseen by City staff.


However, it’s anticipated that a number of buildings presently not required to maintain flood insurance - currently located within an "X" type flood zone - may need to obtain flood insurance for the first time, as those "X" zones shrink. Today’s X-zones weren’t always Zone Map of Key Westdrawn as they are today. Thus, minimum elevation requirements could have existed in years past, where none are in-place now.

Property owners may need to demonstrate structures built after December 31, 1974 were constructed to the flood zones and elevations existing at the time. Using the City’s GIS website, the year of construction can be matched-up to the flood map in effect at the time (most recent flood map dated prior to permit for construction).

Update May 1, 2018 FEMA Flood Map

Watch the FEMA Update of a Pending New Flood Map. This was a two-hour presentation, but the heart of the latest information is mostly from 1:04 to 1:20. If you’re not familiar with floodplain transects, you might start at 0:59:30 minutes to gain a little more background information on this topic.