Office of the City Attorney

The City Attorney's Office is prohibited from providing legal advice to the public or generally representing private clients.

Pursuant to 4.06 of the City Charter, 

The City Attorney shall serve as legal advisor to, and attorney and counselor for, the municipality and all of its officers, boards, commissions, agencies, authorities, and subdivisions except as otherwise expressly provided by general or special law. The City Attorney shall be appointed by, and shall serve at the pleasure of, the city commission. The City Attorney may appoint an assistant or assistants, subject to confirmation by the city commission, who shall serve at the pleasure of the city attorney.

Duties of the City Attorney's Office

Currently, the City Attorney's Office regularly staffs the following boards:

  • City Commission
  • Bahama Village Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA)
  • Naval Properties Local Redevelopment Authority (LRA)
  • Planning Board
  • Historical Architecture Review Commission (HARC)
  • Tree Commission
  • Code Compliance
  • Contractor's Examining Board
  • Bahama Village Redevelopment Advisory Committee (BVRAC)
  • Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

The City Attorney's Office also reviews and approves every agenda item for City Commission meetings and reviews and/or drafts ordinances and resolutions that are considered by the City Commission.

In addition to advising Commissioners, Boards, and staff, the City Attorney's Office handles a variety of civil and criminal functions in Monroe County Courts, including:

  • Representing the City in administrative hearings and civil citation hearings in county court.
  • Prosecuting all municipal ordinance violations that are classified as 2nd-degree misdemeanors.
  • Filing actions in circuit court pursuant to the Civil Forfeiture Act on behalf of the  Key West Police Department.
  • Defending the City of Key West in personal injury lawsuits in circuit court.
  • Pursuing Risk Protection Orders on behalf of Key West Police Department.